Thursday, 24 May 2012

Five Posts from Five Years at Five

Somehow I missed Caron coming up with the idea of posting about what she was blogging about at this time of year in each of the last 5 years. Thankfully Daddy Alex posted his list yesterday so I thought I'd play along with the meme.

Here is what I was saying on or about 24th May in:

  • 2011 It must be the time of year but I was blogging about objections to Lord's Reform on this time from Labour's Chris Bryant. I also did a pedant's check on Jim Allister's reciprocation in naming conventions for the other 26 counties of Ireland.
  • 2010 there was some disquiet amongst the Scottish Tories that they didn't seem to have anyone in charge.
  • 2009 The SNP were planning how they were trying to win the outgoing speaker's seat, Michael martin, but focusing on school closures. So I decided to point out how their concordat was delaying school building in some councils where the SNP were part of the administration.
  • 2008 I didn't actually post on 24 May 2008 but on the 26th I did do a round up post of what I would have said in a busy week. Disputes with the wording of Alex Salmond's independence referendum, Chelsea in the Champions League Final, a PM having rebels within his ranks over a key policy and looking to reign them in. Wow! What a week, didn't we just do all of that again. If so Lewis Hamilton to win in Monte Carlo at the weekend.
  • 2007 the blog was on a sabbatical so....
  • about 2006 instead. Rangers were in trouble. Can't help thinking that there is more deja vu UEFA were fining them for sectarian abuse during their Champions League run to the equivlanet of 25p per fan for the whole season's attendance. There was also mention of the Northern Ireland Secretary of State (yet more deja vu) but this was about the DUP looking at the obstacles to devolution.
I'm quite shocked to see how some of the same things I have seen in the news this week were also in the news this week in previous years!

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