Political Experience

Campaign Experience

Member of the Liberal Democrats since 1988.

Campaign experience from student politics, SW London, Northern Ireland and Scotland.

Been involved in campaigns in each of the Lothian constituency seats and beyond. Especially helping Mike Pringle in 2003, Marilyne Maclaren in 2005 and Fred Mackintosh and Kevin Lang in 2010.

2005 and 2010 Westminster Candidate for Linlithgow and East Falkirk

Organised the Northern Ireland campaign for the AV referendum. Returned the highest Yes vot 43.87% of any regions.

Regularly lending support to local or national campaign

Leadership Experience

Has planned, lead and trained city-wide campaigns of volunteers.

Served on exec of West Lothian Liberal Democrats in a number of capacities since 2002. Currently Membership Development Officer for Nothern Ireland local party and Coordinator of LGBT Lib Dems NI.

Served two years as vice-chair of Lothian Region Liberal Democrats

Works as a coordinator and presenter of data to senior management and client in a global outsourcing environment

Ad hoc advisor (or just ear to test things on) to Liberal Youth Scotland

Communication Experience

Five years as one of the countries top political bloggers as well as contributor to other blogs

Regular speaker at conferences and moving motions/amendments, represented the Lib Dems at 6 Election hustings (incl. one on the radio) in 2010 Westminster campaign

Contributed to press during election campaign

Worked in the strategy branch of a devolved civil service department to get a positive message about plans across to Northern Irish business leaders and public

Effective local case worker all year around, even when elections are not looming

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