Death of a War Poet

One hundred years a lot of young men from across the continent of Europe and indeed the World went to war and many died in the four years of the First World War.

In peacetime a number of them had written poetry before joining up, some of these continued to write poetry in the trenches, some of the others only started to write poetry as a way to express their thoughts and feelings of the war. Many, many of them died during the conflict some as soldiers on the fronts others in differing capacities. This series seeks to look as something they, from whichever nation or side of the conflict, had written as a memorial to the War Poets (even they who only wrote in times of peace) who died as a result of the war*.

4 Sep 1914 Charles Péguy
30 Oct 1914 Ernst Stadler
3 Nov 1914 Georg Trakl
26 Mar 1915 Julian Grenfell
8 Apr 1915 Louis Pergaud
23 Apr 1915 Rupert Brooke
8 May 1915 Walter Lyon
1 Sep 1915 August Stramm
13 Oct 1915 Charles Sorley
23 Dec 1915 Roland Leighton
1 Jul 1916 W.N. Hodgson aka Edward Melbourne
1 Jul 1916 Will Streets
1 Jul 1916 Gilbert Waterhouse
20 Jul 1916 Reinhard Sorge
4 Jul 1916 Alan Seeger
31 Jul 1916 Hedd Wyn
31 Jul 1916 Francis Ledwidge
9 Sep 1916 Tom Kettle MP
22 Sep 1916 Edward Tennant
8 Oct 1916 Leslie Coulson
1917 William Hamilton
3 Apr 1917 Arthur Graeme West
9 Apr 1917 Edward Thomas
10 Apr 1917 Yann-Ber Kalloc'h
25 Jun 1917 Géza Gyóni
18 Nov 1917 Adrien Bertrand
23 Nov 1917 Ewart Alan Mackintosh
30 Dec 1917 Patrick Shaw-Stewart
28 Jan 1918 John McCrae
27 Feb 1918 Jeffrey Day
23 Mar 1918 T.P. Cameron
1 Apr 1918 Isaac Rosenberg
4 Nov 1918 Wilfred Owen

* There are of course many other "war poets" who survived. Some continued to write poetry, some wrote their poems about the war in that time after the fighting had finished. This series is only looking at those who were not so lucky to live to see the long awaited peace.

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