The Reviews

It is always nice when other people say something nice about your blogging here are some of them.

In print
"The Lib Dems need more blogs like this for the rest of the British political blogosphere to sit up and take note."
 Nich Starling in Total Politics Guide to Political Blogging 2008-9

 In the mainstream media
"For more Sooty-related chuckles, check out Stephen Glenn's take on the argument."
 Alexandra Topping at the Grauniad

Political Websites

"When he's on commenting form, Mr Glenn is lively and insightful making this an enjoyable blog." 

Rival Politicians
 "Westminster's loss is Twitter's gain"

(Lord) John Prescott via Twitter

Fellow bloggers
"Scottish Lib Dem blogging ace, Stephen Glenn of Linlithgow fame."
Cllr Fraser MacPherson

"Can come up with views on different issues not solely dictated by the colour of rosette [he] may ordinarily wear, indeed may even disagree with the party line or say something controversial on occasion."
Ideas of Civilisation

"Unafraid to protest on other blogs at posts he disagrees with. And that, after all, is what good blogging should be all about."
Jeff Breslin at SNP Tactical Voting

"For inimitable insight combined with just the right amount of geekiness, there's no rival."
Caron's Musings
"Comes up with some absolutely stonking posts which knock many other blogs for six."
Kezia Dugdale

"Stephen's Linlithgow Journal* – Bit too Lib Demmy ;-) but I do enjoy it nonetheless."
Scottish Tory Boy

"That's a really nice, considered and balanced view without sniping! That takes talent on the internet, that does."
Steph Ashley

"Highly partisan Lib Dem focus, but that's part of the appeal."
 Scottish Unionist

"there is a sensible Lib-Dem voice out there in Stephen Glenn"
Jim at NoMoraDispora

"I follow Stephen’s blog, and I find it very interesting."
Ruaraidh Dobson

 "some of the MacBlogophsere's big hitters such as Stephen Glenn, Kezia Dugdale and Yousuf Hamid"
Stuart Winton at Planet Politics 

"Not one to usually go 24 hours without blogging, if you really want kept up to date, Stephen is your man."

Callum Leslie on the Liberal Youth Scotland website

"Stephen Glenn celebrates his well-deserved success. Recognise his genius, damn you!"
Iain Roberts on Liberal Democrat Voice

Plus I'm so unique we are even using my standings in blog rankings for 2009 as a descriptive noun.

"Congratulations and yet commiserations are due to Charlotte Gore, I feel, who is occupying what is known in Lib Dem circles as "The Stephen Glenn Position".

First usage by Jennie Rigg  see also usage by Mark Thompson, Mark Pack, Stuart Sharpe and myself.

* Yes there has been a minor name change since this one.

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