Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Oh dear Zippy, What are we to do? RIP Roy Skelton

The sad news today is that Roy Skelton (pictured) has died.

Who he?

Well he was the voice of both Zippy and George on Thames TVs Rainbow from 1972-92 as well as many characters in Doctor Who from 1967-88 especially Daleks and Cybermen. It makes a third icon of the original Doctor Who to pass away this year after Lis Sladen and Nicholas Courtney.

Here is an early 1972 song featuring George and the early Bungle, which many of you may not remember. Also there was no Geoffrey back then but David Cook, or Rod, Jane and Freddy but Hugh Portnow is on Guitar.

This little gem has the crescendo of the Dalek catchphrase spoken by Roy, then a little pit of his own voice even if through the distortion box, in a glorious outtake.

Because Roy did both Rainbow and Doctor Who here is what never happened if he forgot who he was supposed to be.

Roy Stockley voice of Zippy, George, Daleks and Cybermen to name but a view 1931-2011

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