Monday, 27 June 2011

A Church that floats

The bible doesn't have the best of times with maritime adventures.

Jonah tried to flee on one but was caught up in storm, drew the short lot to appease the gods and was thrown overboard.

Jesus's disciples set out on one on the Sea, it got stormy and he came walking on the water.

As for Paul he got shipwrecked in the Med and ending up founding the basis of the Maltese Tourist trade.

However, one is planned to be used as a Church in Belfast's Titanic Quarter. One that will be cross denominational, cross community, with each denomination being asked to nominate a chaplain for the venture. Catholic and Protestant all in the same boat for the growing residential element of that newly developing quarter.

Rev. Chris Bennett (who featured on this blog before as our Titanic walking tour guide) who is one of the chaplains for the Dock Church says:

"To avoid being identified with one community or another, this shared space will be something radically different to the familiar church buildings of all traditions - a boat moored in the heart of the Titanic Quarter.

"Each denomination will be invited to provide a chaplain to the boat, just as they currently provide chaplains to work in shared spaces in universities and hospitals across Northern Ireland."

The business plan has been published and now the people behind hte project are looking for a suitable vessel, passenger ship or riverboat in the £250,000 - £400,000 price range to serve as the Church, community centrre and cafe.

Before anyone makes jokes about using a boat as a church in the Titanic Quarter, may I remind you all "That she was alright when she left here!"

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