Monday, 13 June 2011

Bang, Crash, Wallop what a Grand Prix

They say that the street circuit at Montreal is a slippery circuit. Seeing as it is partly used as normal roads for most of the year and not as a specific race track. However, you never thought that applied to underfoot until this weekend.

Lewis Hamilton was in the wars again, this wasn't his first incident of the day, but it was the one where he collided with his team mate Jenson Button. It was to be the first of 6 times Jenson had to go into the pits one of which was for a drive through penalty.

However, after the longest watching of a Grand Prix that I can remember, including all the wet birds, Rihanna turning up to a wet race without her Umberella, ella, ella.

You may well have waited up to watch the end of the race. It was certainly one of the most spectacular finishes of the year. On the penultimate lap Jenson Button despite all those excursions to the pits was just behind Sebastian Vettel, and was within one second to be able to operate his DRS (Drag Reduction System). Here are the final laps as seen from the German television commentators.

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