Thursday, 2 June 2011

Artful Thursday 2 - Stalker

Every year just before Christmas one of the highlights is to see just what card arrives from my late father's sister and her husband.The reason being that my Uncle Geoff is a painter, mainly of portraiture but has expanded into landscape. One year I believe the following picture featured. It seemed a little odd to us at the time, mostly pictures were of family (see below) the layout also appears somewhat odd. However, when explained as he does on his website it all makes sense.

The bearded gentleman who appears four times is Dr Jim Skinner, or rather he was. It was he who commissioned the work. All the other people featured are his children, a son and three daughters, and their families. When he died in 2002 the work which is on four panels could be divided so that each of the families has a picture of them with Jim.

Another Christmas card and this one named after my Aunt and Cousin. My mum and dad both said, "Huh?", until I spotted the shadows on the water, and there they were.

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