Saturday, 18 June 2011

Next to the ruins of Dunluce the forgotten town

Archaeology teams from the University of Ulster and Queen's University have been up on the north coast unearthing Dunluce Town.

The town  which would have been associated with the dramatic cliff top ruined castle was founded at the time of the Ulster Plantation in the early 1600s but was raised to the ground in 1641 in the Irish Uprising. Therefore it had a very short lived existance.

Evidence of wooden houses, stone walls of more substantial dweelings, a cobbled street and other remains have been unearthed as the history of this remote area of the north coast just along from the Giant's Causeway becomes known.

Hopefully the finds and possibly part of the excavation can be made into an exhibit at the National Trust site expanding our knowledge of the area, from Plantation to Rebellion. It would make a welcome addition to the Tourism trade of the Causeway Coast as this town has a very small footprint on the march of time it is very precise into just what period artefacts exist there.

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