Thursday, 30 June 2011

Artful Thursday 6 -Tour de France

6There are many ways that the Tour de France which starts on Saturday has been captured in art. By far the most common way is through photography there are a great many images going back over the previous 97 races that can sum up the competition, the pagentry, the scale of the Tour. I have decided to just chose one of two of the leader in a close, physical battle on a mountain stage. In this picture Raymond Poulidor (who came up against the eras of both Jacques Anquetil and Eddie Merckx and never wore yellow in Paris) is taking on Anquetil.

Of course there are many monuments and statues dedicated to the Tour. This rather spectacular one is at a service station near Pau, often the gateway to the Pyrénées; indeed you can see the mountains in the distance. It illustrates the strugles, the twists and turns and the joy of triumph all in one.

Le Tour de France dans les Pyrénées (1995) by Jean-Bertrand Métais, l’Aire des Pyrénées nr. Pau

This David Gerstein Armstrong sculpture works just as well in 2D as a picture as a 3D Sculpture.

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