Friday, 10 June 2011

It's Friday...I'm in Edinburgh so this is prerecorded before a live studio audience

Ok this usually a blog post that I work on well in advance of the 5pm deadline. Indeed some are planned so far in advance when I find another good date related subject to publish.

Howe ever, this week we lost Andrew Gold so here is Thank you for being a friend a song what he wrote, which is forever associated as the theme to The Golden Girls.

That wasn't the only long running US sit-com his music was used for as the title. His song Final Frontier was used in the titles for Mad about you.

Of course he has a song that sort of sums up so many people who we have lost.

Bonus Track Regular readers will know I usually only do three clips in this slot. But Yesterday's Google Doodle to mark the 96th Birthday of the late Les Paul was too much for a guitaris and bassist like myself to let slide. So here is the first It's Friday bonus track.

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