Friday, 10 June 2011

Farewell fellow MacSketeer #AndrewReeves

The three MacSketeers welcomed fellow bloggers to an Unconference at 4CT
Picture courtesy of Helen Duffett
I'm in Edinburgh typing this. This time last week I didn't expect to be here, that was until I started to see a whole stream of my Lib Dem friends tweeting or putting on their Facebook how they had lost a dear friend.

This there was on tweet about Clifton Terrance, the party's Scottish Head Quarters not being the same as a result. That made me very anxious to find out who. A DM to one friend told me to ask my very good friend Caron. So I went to the favourites in my phone and rang, she picked up straight away, which I later found should have been a shock as she was calling around candidates and agents, and all I asked was "Who?".

We of course all now know that the person in question was Andrew Reeves. Part of me this morning imagined that Andrew would be saying don't be stupid coming on a plane just to say goodbye to me, get somebody to Skype you in, or follow the open thread  that Caron has set up.

But of course wild horses couldn't keep me away from Edinburgh today. I have to be with my Lib Dem family to say goodbye to a dear friend, fellow blogger, one of the three MacSketeers of the Scottish Lib Dem blogosphere. I have to be here to give Roger a hug and a face to put to the blogpost that made his laugh and cry both earlier this week.

Coming past Clifton Terrace on the bus earlier I was going to check in on Foursquare, of course the Mayor is still Reevesy. I think nobody is ever going to want to steal that off him, we may have to start checking into the Scottish Liberal Club or something.

As one MacSketeer to another here is the only song that seems appropriate

Farewell dear friend.

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