Friday, 24 June 2011

It's's Norn Iron where were you sporting moments

Last Sunday, or actually early Monday morning all of Northern Ireland seemed to still be awake. The reason of course was a young 22-year-old from Holywood winning the US Open (you should see the signs all over Holywood). It will go down as one of those where were you moments in Northern Ireland's sporting history, indeed for many younger poeple it will be that when where you allowed to stay up late moments.

Here are some highlights from that final round.

Of course for my generation that stay up late moment came in 1985. Dennis Taylor completed the absolute greatest comeback in World Snooker history, having lost all the games in the first session, he came back to win it on the final black.

Then of course was there 1982, wee Northern Ireland had to beat Spain, the hosts, to progress to the next phase of the Wolrd Cup. We were down to ten men after a sending off. Then magic happened.

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