Thursday, 9 June 2011

Irish Presbyterian sets off on its trajectory

Former moderator of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland the Very Rev. Dr. Stafford Carson has written on his blog about the resolution, which I blogged about yesterday, that was passed yesterday by the General Assembly concluding:

"By passing this resolution, PCI has not only distanced itself from the trajectory taken by the Church of Scotland, but has indirectly affirmed its position on the qualifications required of those holding office in the church, believing that the Bible is clear in its statements on God’s will for us with regard to sexual relationships."

He calls it a good debate, but the debate appears not to have taken into account any views from the gay Presbyterians in Ireland, merely the men and women who lead the church.

So there you have it folks clearly the bible does teach us clearly about sexual relations. If your brother dies without a son you must take your sister-in-law as a wife, if you refuse the elders will be coming after you (Deut 25:5-9). All those fights outside pubs, be care ladies if to you reach out and grab a man's genitals your are about to lose the hand (Deut 25:11-12). Of course the rhythm method is also seen as evil in the eyes of the Lord (Gen 38:6-10) keep in there guys when making love to your wife. Or if soldiers masturbate or have a wet dream in the night they have to sleep outside the camp (Deut 23:10) actually that one might work.

You see there are plenty of example yet the church is het up about the act rather than whether is carried out in a caring scenario. Isn't it better to be monogamous and in love with one person than denied even that and therefore consumed by lust (1 Cor 7:9).

So the church has set off on its trajectory, where and what next for me?

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