Tuesday 7 August 2012

Doctor, Doctor I'm too ill to run #London2012

Well here is a note for the IOC and rest....

Except Taoufik Makhoufi of Algeria did not rest for very long as his doctor's note to cover his failure to run more than 200m of the 800m heats yesterday.

Makhoufi well clear and heading for gold
Yet this evening he not only lined up in the 1500m final, but he zoomed down the last back straight was so far in the lead off the last bend that there was no way to catch him.

As I said yesterday he was being punished because of an impossible schedule double up and his national association had entered himn in both, maybe as a back up, but failed to withdraw him from one when it was clear he had done enough in the 1500m.

Of course he wasn't ill. He could not have run the last 400m of that race the way he ended up doing if he were ill. But justice was done and the winner of one of the semi finals was there in the final and came through to win.

Maybe the IAAF should look at the schedule for Rio and ensure that this historic double up is still possible. The semi finals for the 800m had taken place less than an hour before the 1500m was won by Makhoufi.

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