Thursday, 13 September 2012

Want to hear what Fermanagh Councillors think of #equalmarriage demonstration

The Impartial Reporter is the local paper in Fermanagh. This evening at the first full council since they became the first council in Ireland to vote against supporting equal marriage there was a protest attempting to hand the Councillors a letter.

Here is the response that some of the Councillors gave to the paper, there are audioboo clips in the report.

Please listen to them this is an example of the stance that too many of Northern Ireland's elected representatives give on this issue.


  1. On a brief scan of the legislation, I can't work out how any of these councillors aren't breaching their Code of Conduct...

  2. Please can u send me link to this code of conduct I am Frankie I organised the Demo and I am also taking action against several UUP and DUP politicians for homophobia email