Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It was 79 years ago today...#USOpenFinal

On the 10th September in New York a British number three seed won his first Grand Slam title in five sets.

His name was Fred Perry, three years later at the same venue he was also to be the last British man to do so, until a tornado on Saturday evening caused a delay in the second semi-final 79 years later.

By a quirk of nature the final 79 years later was to feature another number three seed from Britain who had never won a Grand Slam title. But found himself in a final on that same iconic date. Although this one had just the month before won the Olympic title at the venue where that other great champion's statue looks down. He sadly no longer wears the brand that bore than great champion's name like he did at the start of his career.

Andy Murray may have missed the Olympic parade in London today, but his gold and silver medals in London 2012 have spurred him on to do this, and even given him that little bit more confidence that he could do so. Finally at the fifth time of asking Andy Murray has managed to join the club of Grand Slam winners at the venue he once one the boy's singles title. Just like his coach Ivan Lendl it took him four times in the runner's up position before.

Picture via BBC website
During the match when Andy was up two sets to love I did joke that was this his bid to make the 2012 BBC Sports Personality of the Year short list. I think he may well be trying to make an additional mark on this year, this summer, of outstanding sport to try and make it into that list of ten (if there is only ten on that list this year) a merely getting one of the 63 Golds may not be enough. Like another the other gold medalist who has also achieved something outstanding on a global stage bookending the other end of the Olympics/Paralympics, Bradley Wiggins, who was also competing today, Andy had to miss the parade.

This is a where were you moment, it may have been after 2am but judging by my twitter feed many people across the UK will be getting very little sleep tonight, but then it has been a while since the last time a British Man lifted one of the big four in Tennis. Many may have been sat next a radio, rather reminiscent of Fred Perry's days as the final wasn't covered live on terrestrial TV.

PS This year the top four men shared the titles. Novak Djokovoc won in Australia, Rafael Nadal in France, Roger Federer at Wimbledon and in New York Andy Murray added the US Open to his Olympic title. The first time since 2003 that four different men have shared the titles.

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