Thursday 13 September 2012

Northern Ireland gets gold...

....letter boxes that is.

Northern Ireland's Paralympic medalists
l to r: Bethany Firth, James Brown, Michael McKillop,
Jason Smyth
There were three towns in the UK that bred Paralympic heroes who were left out from the original phalanx of gold paint from Royal Mail engineers. Their 'crime' was that these Paralympians competed for Ireland and not GB.

Eglington, Glengormley and Seaforde have all welcomed home gold medal winners, respectively Jason Smyth, Michael McKillio and Bethany Firth, now each will receive an honourary gold post boxes. In a statement from the Head of External Relations for Royal Mail in Northern Ireland, Barbara Roulson said:

"Honorary [sic] gold post boxes for Jason, Michael and Bethany are an appropriate tribute for our local Paralympic heroes given their tremendous achievements and the very clear community support for this."

So well done to the Royal Mail. Northern Ireland is not the sole non-gold black hole on the map of this summer acheivements

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