Sunday, 29 March 2009

Nigel's Brunette has Been Busy

There is breaking speculation that 5 other MPs from across 3 parties are worried that the Nigel Griffiths' mystery Brunette from last week's News of the World is about to expose them. The only party above suspicion would be the Ulster Unionists as Lady Slyvia Herman just doesn't appear to be the right gender for the mystery woman who appears to have been somewhat known by the red tops around the Westminster village.

Meanwhile the NotW having defeated a writ from the Edinburgh South MP go into more details about his 'unmemorable' session in his office of spending 38 minutes taking 27 explicit images. That these were apparently uploaded unto his laptop and then half an hour later possible as an aid to that bad memory he took another 40 minutes to take 44 more pictures at a second location. The NotW fortunately spared our one of this collection of images which they said left nothing to the imagination of the MP, we'll just have to imagine, or shudder not as the case may be.

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