Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Guido Headline Misleading.

Last Night Guido posted this histrionic headline and blog post.

While he is accurate this figure accounts for all expenses. It take into account things like travel and manning ones office, which all come out of expenses. Not note the election map from 2005.

I've highlighted a few areas of Lib Dem dominance. The Highlands and Islands of Scotland, the toe of England and mid Wales. Notice three things these places have in common. There are dominated by Lib Dems, they are at the extremities. In the Highlands and Mid Wales the constituencies cover a vast amount of territory. Alistair Carmichael is quite rightly on this gross figure going to appear a big claimant. He has to take two flights to be able to get from his constituency to Westminster, one to Aberdeen then another (if he's lucky) to get him from there to Orkney or Shetland. Then if he wants to get around his constituency he also has to rely on the weather and ferries.

Many have asked Guido to provide figures which do not cover travel and non-familial staff expenses since last night. He has yet to do so one wonders if the reason is that the Tories who barely venture North of Hadrian's Wall or West of Offa's Dyke will be found to be the worst offenders.

If you want a glimpse at what sort of level these travel expense came to last year you can view them on the Parliament website.


  1. Oh come on, he's not obsessed with the facts and balance, he got himself on the radio, he got his blog mentioned by the main stream media and he got the "guido" cult talked about.

    I don't confuse him with a person that really cares.

  2. Ah one small advantage of having a radioless office. And being too busy to catch News 24 over lunch.