Sunday, 1 March 2009

The New Generation's Radio 1 Ban

Every generation of teenagers needs one. That song that just pushes the boundaries of a Radio one sensitivities just that little too far and ends in a ban. For my generation it was of course Mike Read taking exception to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax. I had one friend at school who ended up buying every single mix of it when they came. Hardly surprising then than the record, which at the time of the ban was heading down the charts went back up to the number one spot, nor that my friend ended up working for MTV for a spell.

So this generation have now got Scott Mills and the song Ass to Ass which features in the fictitious show to find a new member for the band SexxBombz in the E4 drama Skins. Well Mills actually appeared as himself on the show as one of the judges of the show and was going to to play the song on his drive time show when some of the stars guested. But Radio One producers apparently got cold feet.

No doubt the song which is available as a download will now soar up the charts as a result. Some things never change.

If you want you can hear the song and see the lyrics here.

Hat tip to adamdustagheer via Twitter

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  1. Nothing can beat the Beatles or Abba for modern music, nothing at all.