Saturday, 28 March 2009

First Half Hour of Earth Hour the Effect

The National Grid in the UK has a website showing the real time usage over the last hour. The above is a screen shot taken at 21:00 half way through Earth Hour it shows a steady drop off from 8pm and an even sharper decline after 8:30. Don't forget this is a Saturday night and peak TV viewing time as well. I'll take another at 22:00 to show what happens afterwards


  1. Am I reading this differently to you ?

    It seems to suggest that the decline before "Earth Hour" was already happening and that Earth Hour just continued this decline.

    Although you state that Saturday night is peak viewing for TV, ast night was awful for TV, people would already have had their TV's on before 8.30 and in fact in my house as it gets later we turn more lights off and use less electricity as we stop cooking and soften the lighting when my son is asleep.

    To me it seems as if eath hour did nothing.

  2. Hi Nich it is one reason I was upset that I couldn't get a hour screen shot at the end and currently can't seem to get a 24 hour snap shot either to see the effects either side of the hour.