Friday, 13 March 2009

Comic Relief Give Them a Call

Well I'm up in Perth at the Scottish Liberal Democrat conference. At the moment I'm probably mingling or in one of this evenings fringe events so I am missing the goings on of Comic Relief in more ways than one.

Working as I do in a call centre the faceless people at the other end of the phone during telephons are not that faceless when you know what the job entails. For events like this people will have volunteered their evening to help out the charity in question. Well this evening some of those many the telephones will be even less faceless as I'll be able to put names to some of them as our call centre is one of those taking the calls. So people I see on a daily basis may well be taking you call.

Now that you know that you really have to call 03457 910910 or visit go on you know you want to.

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