Sunday, 22 March 2009

I'm Not Gonna Start Eating Meat to Fly

According to the Mail on Sunday my choice of diet makes me a terrorist suspect. Now I wouldn't mind but for the first 30+ years of my life anytime I got on a plane or ferry I was more or less considered one because of my place of birth and accent.

The Belfast Departure gate at Heathrow is still down a long corridor all by itself. At least now we do not have to take our luggage the whole way with us down there; we can now check it in at departures like everyone else. But I enjoy a largely meat free diet, usually about 75% of my week minimum, which apparently means that when I pre-order a vegetarian meal next time I fly long haul I'm going to be red flagged as a terrorist.

Now I always order vegetarian when I fly long haul for a number of reasons.

1. It is the healthier option than some indeterminate meat by product.
2. It leave less chance of contracting food poisoning.
3. I like the taste of vegetarian food.
4. (Don't tell everyone) It is always served up hot.

Now I've been deemed a terrorist suspect because of my place of birth, I'm not prepared to have this government make me order meat on a plane just to avoid being flagged up. I'll eat what I want to thank you very much. Although Dr Pack it isn't always lentils that get served up, though I don't complain when they do, he has set up a Facebook group to complain about this latest range of prejudices.

It would include my work colleagues who often book at the last minute. I'm actually often offered the over wing seats (to be able to operate the emergency accent). In fact approx 80% of my flights I'm seated there. I also have many friends who are missionaries who who met their partners when they were. Looks like all those international relationships that developed make them a terror suspect to, or for that matter the many mix race couples here in the UK.

Labour are making generalisations because they clearly are incapable of making sound judgement, reasoned deduction or sensible decisions. Pakistan Airways to New York again for me*, if they are going to flag me up may as well give then just cause.

*It's purely a cost thing.

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