Sunday, 15 March 2009

For Proper Haggis, Neeps and Conference We'll Need a "Press"

"press n. (Scots) a large cupboard, usually built into a recess in the

I'm back from a wonderful weekend in Perth at the Scottish Liberal Democrat's Spring Conference. The Concert Hall in Perth is a magnificent venue and I am so relieved that after 3 years at Aviemore which I couldn't afford, getting to and staying in Harrogate was cheaper one year so I took that option, we were back in Perth. There is so much that I wanted to blog at the time. So much more I could have Tweeted if there had been phone signal in the auditorium. Which leads to the title of this post.

I was speaking to a lot of the other Scottish bloggers. While the main venue had WiFi we failed to utilise that to it's full potential. From Harrogate last weekend we were entertained throughout the weekend from the Lib Dem Voice cupboard. Lib Dem Voice has recently started carrying a Haggis, Neeps and Liberalism column and I think going forward we need to have a Haggis, Neeps and Conference presence our own little 'press' at least at Spring Conference.

We not looking for a lot maybe a couple of dedicated power outlets for the bloggers to recharge our overworked laptops, netbooks or whatnot as we were all constantly trying our best to preserve battery. Ideally these could be somewhere we can catch what is going on in the main hall. Having discussed it with a few of the others there is enough of us to draw up some sort of rota to cover the debates and major events either live or almost live, whilst still allowing us to speak in debates etc.

We'd also see it as a change to encourage some of the Parliamentarians, PPCs, Councillors or just other delegates to write they own contribution to Haggis, Neeps and Conference. I know from discussions with a lot of them the Parliamentarians they they may not necessarily want to write a regular blog, however, I'm sure that in a form of Haggis, Neeps and Conference they would be willing to write a piece about a particular motion or event. You know what I might even be able to peruade Mr "Cool" Carmichael to do that once a year. Maybe expand a little on what they have said in the debate or what not. I also think we may be able to persuade someone, who I already have in mind, to take a camera around the venue and Helen Duffett-like capture some 12Seconds footage for us.

So any of the Conference Committee reading this I'll be writing a more formal proposal on this and getting it off to you propably within the week.


  1. Stephen - I completely agree! We needed an internet cafe of some description.

    The Perth conference was great, and my Haggis, Neeps and Liberalism column this week will show that.

    Let's hope when we are back at Perth next year we are sorted!

  2. That sounds like a great idea. Our LDV cupboard comes courtesy of the party and is truly a godsend, for getting away from the mad schedule if nothing else! Well worth asking for.

    I've been following the Scottish tweets over the weekend, and am going to do a quick round-up of Scottish blog coverage tomorrow. But nothing beats on-the-spot coverage. In the future, we could link y'all from LDV as you go, or could submit coverage directly to LDV, whichever you prefer.

  3. Cheers Andrew was talking to a number of other people and it was something that needed to be looked at. Also have asked Ruadraidh and Callum to consider coming unto the H,N & L team. They would significantly lower our teams current average age.

    Alix thanks. I think if we can sort out some sort of net cafe. We can differently look then at the LDV linking in methodology. I'm looking forward to Bournemouth and seeing the cupboard.

  4. Good job on all the #sldconf tweets from you and the others!

    I agree about the videos: another nice way to give little glimpses of Conference to those who can't attend in person. Really look forward to seeing those.

  5. Hah! The sole reason I didn't even bother lugging my laptop in to blog Harrogate was that they were charging £4 an hour for net access in the conference centre, for those of us plebs not entitled to access the LDV cupboard. This I see as the party actively trying to suppress blogging.

    Be careful what you wish for, Stephen. You might get it, but at what cost?