Friday, 13 March 2009

Dun in: Salmond Caught Out

At FMQ's yesterday Alex Samond tried to claim that Dunning Primary School in Perth was commissioned and built entirely under the SNP administration. Fail!

This PDF dated January 2007 lists some key milestones in the work highlighted are 4 stages which may well have started or were planned to before the SNP were elected in as the biggest party on the 3 May 2007.

Problem is Alex that information wasn't all that hard to find. So don't try and hide the wool over our eyes when we all can fact check. This was a project already rolling when you took over as First Minister. Yeah you may well have finalised the contractor but that was a stage down the way from the start of the works. This project started in the previous admistration.

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  1. Oh Stephen your definition of commissioning is rather ambiguous. The last administration did some architectural and design consultation, that doesn't mean the school would have been built, surely you couldn't stretch it that far.

    A building is commissioned when the planning application is submitted.

    I'm watching the recording our your leader being mauled by Bernard Ponsonby on Politics Now. He didn't do well did he.