Friday, 20 May 2011

We'd rather be led by aristocats

Everyone on has them the Uncle or Aunt you really want to lock away at parties, preferable not in the same room as your storing the booze. The Duchess of Cambridge had hers on best behaviour at her wedding, the Duke managed to keep his Aunt well out of the way, although her daughters' headware almost stole the show, thankfully saved by his new sister-in-law's derrière.

Well today it is the turn of Sir William Dugdale 2nd Baronet the maternal uncle of another attendee at that wedding the Prime Minister.Today he is telling the Telegraph that the people prefer to be led by an aristocrat. After all as a friend pointed out cats are developing opposable thumbs.

"The thing is, and the Labour Party underestimate it, but, if you ask the working classes who they want to lead them, they prefer to be led by a duke.
"I know it’s an unpopular thing to say these days, however I have learnt this from my own experience."

He was launching his own memoirs, Settling the Bill, and probably was chairman during Jasper Carrott's nadir years as a Birmingham City supporter of cross city rivals Villa. Of course Ron Saunders who had led Villa most of the way there resigned in February 1982 mere months before Villa lifted the European Cup for the only time due to a disagreement with the Club about his salary. Clearly he didn't like being led by a particular aristocat.

Sir William further says that his nephew shouldn't be ashamed of his association with the white ties and tails of the Bullington Club, of which Sir William himself, despite also being an Old Etonian wasn't invited. What he did do instead was join protests with Bullington members....against the Trade Unions.

Yeah you heard it there right. The man advocating that the working classed should be led by a Duke was making war against the labour movement that had fought to give them some rights that had been lacking for centuries if not millennia.

Probably the 2nd Baronet is biting out against the Lord's Reform Bill.

By the way the last time the UK was lead by a Duke was 34 days in 1834 when the Duke of Wellington was the provisional leader of his second brief stint.

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