Sunday, 22 May 2011

The thrills, spills and scares of the 2011 North West 200

The thrills were supplied in the Superspsort 600 race the first of the day. Alistair Seeley and Cameron Donald were racing neck and neck, often side by side, over the course that stretches from Portstewart out toward the University at Coleraine and Portrush. In the end it looked like it would be decided by who took the last Juniper Hill chicane best. Donald went in too hot and Seeley who had been outbraking for most of the previous circuits eased off and over the line.

The spills sadly was a oil leakage on the damp course due to the rain. Despite the best effort of steward and track officials to clean up this spill it brought an abandonment to this years racing. Seeley was leading Robert Dunlop's son Michael in the Superbike race after one lap when the second race was abandonned.

The scares wasn't any of the riders careering off their bikes into a lamppost or into the crowd. No it was just after the conclusion of the 600 race, and before the sighting laps for the Superbike race. When somebody called in a bomb scare for a hoax device in the paddock. This lead to an evacuation of racers, their crews, officials, and spectators while the PSNI had to check the area.

With so many people from not just Northern Ireland but further afield travelling for the NW200 the fact that some desident thinks that he can use this family event as an excuse to spread fear is a disgrace. The fact that there was a later abandonment due to racing conditions was not known at the time. The people of Ireland North and South no longer what this sort of thing, we're sick and tired of people thinking that setting devices like the other one yesterday can hold us ransom. The people are saying No More and Not in my name people from all sides. We want a peaceful Northern Ireland and Ireland as highlighted by the way that Her Majesty was accepted over the last week in the Republic.

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