Sunday, 22 May 2011

The best supporting actor and a Vulcan Hobbit

Earlier today oneexwidow got an excellent song stuck in my head when he posted his Sound for Sunday. Go take a listen and enjoy.

However later on his undid his hard work when as Martin Freeman lifted the BAFTA for Best Actor in a Supporting Role, he tweeted "Ah, good for Bilbo". Of course Martin will be filming with Peter Jackson in New Zealand for The Hobbit, which I believe to be excellent casting.

However, what then got embedded in my head was this:

Now oneexwidow is of course denying all responsibility.

Now he may be right.

It may be my fault for having a brain that links phrases to song lyrics no matter how inappropriate.

It may be the fault of Peter Jackson, or his casting supervisor for casting a BAFTA nominated actor for such a role.

However, I know that Harry Cole is currently working on the theory that is down to Chris Huhne and the failed super injunction on Leonard Nimoy's singing career, especially where it led to the need to get There and Back Again* in as hurry to avoid the dread of Mordor (aka Vicky Pryce) since it is obviously all Nick Clegg's fault.

* This was the name of Bilbo Baggins's memoir of his earlier trip that he is writing at Rivendell when Frodo and the Fellowship of the Ring are formed, on which J.R.R. Tolkein based his book The Hobbit.


  1. It is ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me -I may have seen/heard that song before but sensibly hadn't commited anything about it to memory.

  2. See first reason why not part the first. You may be right it's probably the make up of my brain. ;-)