Monday, 23 May 2011

Obama gets a taste of Ireland which the Queen didn't

Last week the Queen was actually at St. James Gate brewery home of the most famous stout of the world. She was poured a pint of the black stuff but didn't even touch the glass, now did HRH the Duke of Edinbuirgh.

However, in a small pub in County Offaly earlier the following conversation took place.

Leader of the free world "I have been told that is makes a difference, who the person behind the bar is. I mean, that people are very particular about who is pouring your Guinnesss. Am I right about that?

His many cousins in the bar "Yeah"

The Leader of the free world "The Perfect pint. So can people vouch for this guy?"

Cousins Yeahs and laughter

One of the counsins "He's the Greatest, the best just

Leader Just like Mohammed Ali, he's the greated. Well we like that. It is quite an honour for me. You think it's ready?

Fiddlers Start playing in the background

Leader Now I want to get it perfect now. What do you think? Alright. Sláinte.

He then tips the pints of the men behind the bar, before putting the pint of Guinness to his lips and supping his pint. To cheers all around.

He promises to buy one of the ambassador and then jokes that "The President always pays his bar tab."

The first lady asks how many of the staff were in here. To which the President joked "How much advance work did they do?"

You can view Barack Obama enjoying the hospitality of the Irish in his Great-Great-Great-Grandfather's village of Moneygall here on the BBC Website. I expect there will be plague outside the door very soon honouring the place where the USA's first black president drank his first pint of the black stuff.

So yet again the Daily Fail has failed.

Update Later at College Green in Dublin he greeted the crowd with the words. "I'm Barack Obama, of the Monegall O'Bamas. I've come to look for the aportrophe that we lost somewhere along the way."

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  1. Barrack even has his very own tribute song courtesy of the Corrigan brothers - here: