Friday, 6 May 2011

It's Friday...It's Halfway Through Michael and Andrew's Wedding

I did last night blog that I was back and free to blog. Well I'm not quite free quite yet, I'm currently at a count for the referendum somewhere.

However, my good friend Michael said yes yesterday, did so earlier on today at Belfast City Hall and will be doing so tomorrow at All Souls' Church. Yeah after voting yesterday, earlier today he and Andrew went through their civil partnership ceremony, but tomorrow at the their Ceremony of Commitment before God only then will they consider themselves fully married*.

 Hopefully by now I have my Argyll Jacket to go with my Highland outfit (it still wasn't ready on Tuesday), seeing as this is the only item remaining and I'm not an off the peg jacket I do hope so. But last weekend I got thinking of processionals for weddings as a result of an unusual version played at someone else's. So here today are some other's maybe not played in the way or style you typically associate them with.

As tomorrow I will be wearing my newly purchased Highland outfit (pictures will follow) here is that famous modern Bagpipe processional by German pipers Ulrich Roever and Michael Korb Highland Cathedral played not on pipes but by a brass band.

The one that kicked off this thought process was Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D played on three Bagpipes as at Trinity, Bangor last Saturday. Here is a different take of that

Of course Felix Mendelssohn's Wedding March is another traditional bridal processional. It has been rocked up by many groups, but who better seeing as there was a Royal Wedding last week than Queen's version from Flash Gordon

* Actually they won't until the Liberal Democrat's policy on Equal Marriage is fully implemented, which includes the section that civil partnerships like theirs can be updated to full marriage if they wish.

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