Tuesday, 17 May 2011

A poem for IDAHo

Me and Harriet Long outside Belfast City Hall earlier
 As I posted earlier todaay is International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia. I written a little poem to mark the day.

A Poem for IDAHo

I don't want my own private IDAHo.
Nor do I want to world to know,
Each tiny intimate fact of my love
Who I bestow it upon, what he does.
But I still need to be vocal about who I am
So others can live a live that is calm.
Free of phobia, bullying and hate
So they can be happy like Wills and Kate.
So that they can kiss in public should they choose
Not be chased away by homophobic boos.

Because I am forthright about who I am
That I prefer the love of another man
I find myself today out on the streets
Telling people  to help homophobia to beat
Back to the dark recesses where it should belong
But from where its escaped for far too long.
Instead we have youngsters too scared to say
I'm normal like you, but I happen to be gay.

We're normal you see and that's what we want
Nothing more than the rest just the same is enough.
So whether you're Lesbian, Trans, Bi or Gay*
Get your purple on and have a good IDAHo Day.

© Stephen Glenn 17 May 2011

*Disclaimer you don't have to be LGBT to suffer from homophobia.

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