Saturday, 14 May 2011

It's Saturday...It's Eurovision

Yeah it is that time of year again when all of the UK will watch some singing then, in all possibility shout at the screen when the votes come in. Or will we see Blue give us all reason to smile.

One person who of course always managed to give us something to smile about even when things were tough was our Terry, well actually Ireland's Terry, which is our for me, but you know what I mean. So here is Terry doing what he did best, passing comment on the acts.

From the 2006, final's run down, especially love how off the mark he is with Lordi who managed a 12 point score from the UK.

There was always rumours that Terry had a wee bottle of alcohol up in his commentary booth. Although I think this Swedish guy might have been trying to drink Terry under the table during the contest and failing.

Terry was certainly the bringer of joility, which is what the intermission piece was called the last time Terry was able to show off his multi-lingual skills on the Eurovision stage when the UK hosted in 1998.

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