Thursday, 5 May 2011

Shackles are Off

Polls are now closed across the country and in Northern Ireland where I've been working since early November to secure a Yes vote in today's referendum.

Over that time there have been many party political stories that I have read about and wanted to make comment about here on my blog, but I've been working with people of many parties and felt that my doing so wouldn't be right. Well as from now I'm expected my blogging to regain that edge that has been lacking over recent weeks. I'm going to be saying what I as a Liberal Democrat (and no those are not dirty words) feels about things that are going on.

The gloves are off, I'm unchained from the shackles that have been holding me back. It may not be tomorrow as I'm at the count or Saturday when I am at a dear friend's 'wedding' but soon, and maybe there will be time in between those two events, I'll be back writing what is really on my mind.

You have been warned.

"Here's Stephen!", back in full glorious bloggery.

I'm now back.

1 comment:

  1. Well, blogger me! Good you have you back in full vitriol!