Thursday, 26 May 2011

Mladić suspect detained - last of Bosnia Serb trio may be ready to face justice

Mladić on the trio's wanted poster
We may have pulled out of Iraq and been left with Afghanistan but a previous war, that of Bosnia, is one that the Hague are still trying to try all the war criminals of. Along with the late Slobodan Milošević and the detained Radovan Karadžić the third of the trio of most wanted still at large was the Army Chief General Ratko Mladić.

Well this morning they may be a step closer to getting another of their men. A man who bears a resemblance to former Bosnian Serb Army Chief Gen. Mladić has been arrested in Serbia. DNA testing will be carried out to see if the man who shares some physical characteristics with the General is indeed he. Sebian President Boris Tadić is expected to make a statement shortly.

Mladić was indicted on 24 July 1995 by the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia accused of genocide, crimes against humanity and various war crimes. The war crimes he committed included an alleged sniping campaign against civilians in Sarejevo. Further crimes were added to the indictment on 16 November 1995, again genocide, crimes against humanity and various war crimes including an attack on the UN declared safe area of Srebrenica.

Mladić is also believed to have been responsible for the kidnapping of UN Peacekeeping personnel. If the suspect he found to be Mladić, he will be extradicted to the Netherlands to face trial at the Hague.

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