Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Musical montage for Towel Day #TowelDay

Do a search for Towel in Spotify and you get quite a surprisingly large selection. However, for Towel Day here are some hoopy bands who really know where their towel is.

First up is Elevator Suite whose debut single could well have been written with Arthur Dent in mind Man in a Towel


The Future Dead certainly know where their towel is, it is in the kitchen. Which does seem to be an homage to Swedish band Loosegoats Towel

Going a little instrumental, well auditory certainly here is Heyoka The Way of the Blue Towel

Finally as I'm Irish here is a Celtic tune A Towel to Dry Your Face.

Pour yourself a Pan-Galatic Gargle Blaster and enjoy my tunes for Towel Day. Share and enjoy.


Finally, finally as Towel Day is to honour Douglas Adams, and his favourite band was Pink Floyd, who were rather remiss in never including the word towel in any of their song titles, don't really fit into this tribute...

...apart from the fact that Douglas once appeared on stage to play one of his many guitars (he had almost as many as Macs) with them. So here is that performance.

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