Thursday, 26 May 2011

Artful Thursday 1 - Constable

 Somewhat inspired by oneexwidow's virtual gallery on his blog I decided that I might start to do a weekly work of art on my blog. Although I did do a special in advance yesterday with Towel Day.

This morning's picture is one that I stumbled upon as a student while traipsing through the National Gallery. It was a room with many far more famous works of art by the same artist, but they well all somewhat familiar to me having been prints on somebody at home's wall. It was also  the furtive glance of the main object that drew me in. So much so that I wrote the poem that follows. A post card of this picture was on my wall for many years as I've never managed to find a print of it.

On Seeing Constable's 'The Cenotaph to Reynold's Memory, Coleorton'

My friend of fleeting foot where do you dream of
You pass into myglade for just one clock tick
And soon into the darkness you'll be off.
Oh, friend of mine don't leave me so quick.
Yet I know you want to dart off to your shelter
And security from the fast approaching storm.
Don't stare so, for I long to see your face for longer
Don't lets separate and go each to his own home.
But stay a while and give me a happiness
That only your appearance brings to this place.
Rest here a while within the wooded quietness
And stand there full of your majestic grace.

My friend you only add to the perfect memory
Already that's bestowed within this glorious shrine
And this perfect scene seeps into life so perfectly
I only wish the memory could have been mine.

© Stephen Glenn February 1989

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  1. Thanks for the link - glad to have been of inspiration - although you also remind me that I don't make arty posts as often as I would like!