Monday, 30 May 2011

Those we lost over the weekend

Three entertainers were lost over the weekend.

The first is Jeff Conaway who passed away at only 60. He is best known as Kenickie in the film version of Grease the T-Bird who was second only to Danny Zuko. Then he moved on to the TV series Taxi in which he played the struggling actor Bobby Wheeler, and appeared as Sergeant Zack Allen in Babylon 5.  He died from pneumonia with sepsis, which his  dependence on persciption drugs meant it was discovered too late how ill he was.

So here he is with John Travolta in Grease Lightning

Next up a change in pace and style was Chicago born Gil Scott-Heron a proponent of the spoken word, before rap really was the thing. His style is more poetic than rap. But still speaks of the stuff that affects Americans. Here is a the title track of his 2010 album, his first in 16 years I'm New Here.

Finally Felicity 'Flick' Colby one of the original Pan's People, who went on to choreograph the TOTP replacement dance troupe Legs & Co and then Zoo. In the days before music videos if a band couldn't appear on Top of the Pops  often their song may have been danced to by one of the dance troupes, quite often Flick was one of the choreographers. I love the fact that 70s costumes from prime time TV are considered too risque for a YouTube audience, as this clip will ask you to verify you are over 18.

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