Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Here's a Little Series What I Wrote

Today being the 200th Annivesary of William Ewart Gladstone's birth here is a series of articles I wrote back in 2002 for H2G2:

Part one looking at his early life and election campaigns.

Part two looking at this time in Government both a Chancellor and Prime Minister.

Part three wrapping up a number of subjects, his relationship with the Queen, his speeches and campaigns, he personal life, writtings and reforms.

Looking at these again I may well have to do a little rewrite on these or a few more in depth articles on certain aspects.

The picture is of Mr and Mrs Gladstone at Glencorse Station during the Midlothian campaign. At that time a lot of what is now West Lothian was also part of the constituency that Gladstone was fighting.

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