Saturday, 5 December 2009

The Wikio MacBlogopshere Rankings December

It is that time of the month again Wikio have announced the the political rankings for December. With Hogmanay approaching at the end of the month everyone really wants to be a Scotsman or woman this month, but not all of the bloggers can be so what has actually happened this month.

The same 13 blogs still represent the best of Scottish blogging inside the top 100 and indeed we almost have 10, 11 or 12 within the top 75. Yes 76-78 is the new grouping of Scots.

For a change I have to report that Tom Harris has moved, sadly for all concerned it is downwards, and also rather sadly it is because Tory Bear has overtaken him. Elsewhere the Cute Greek seems to be permanently stuck in a sea of calm on 16 while all around him is volatile. Our Top Scottish Journalist blogger after his meteroric rise into the top 20 last month drops down again out of it this.

Jeff of SNP Tactical Voting continues to forge new ground this month he edges into the the top 30 for the first time. Caron overtakes me and indeed is knocking on the top of the top 40 equally her highest ever position first reached in October. My internet and laptop issues see my expected drop almost back to where I was in October.

Rantin Rab displaces the Two Doctors by reaching 70, and Andrew Reeves and Yousuf also sneak past the Green.

Of the dearly departed or resting blogs Subrosa climbed on a par with Caron and departs us just in the top 40, Malc drops slightly as well to 93.

As usual here is the complete list with last month's rankings in brackets.

1. Tom Harris MP And another Thing... 7 (6)
2. Mr Eugenides 16 (16)
3. Alex Massie's Spectator Blog 22 (19)
4. SNP Tactical Voting 30(33)
5. Subrosa 40 (43)
6. Caron's Musings 41 (44)
7. Stephen's Linlithgow Journal 45 (34)
8. Underdog Bites Upwards 61 (70)
9. Ranting Rab 70 (78)
10. Andrew Reeve's Running Blog 76 (91)
11. Yapping Yousuf 77 (83)
12. Two Doctors 78 (74)
13. Malc in the Burgh 93 (87)

With the Dundee wifey and the Burghmeister hanging up their keyboards and undoubtedly about to start dropping down and out of the top 100 we do wonder who is going to step up to join this group in the top 100 next.


  1. Rantin ROB?

    Anyway, I have no idea how I managed to climb as I have been quiet for most of November due to family things. Still a nice surprise thought.

    Good to see so may Scots bloggers in the top 100 and Subrosa will be back, I'm sure!

  2. Sorry that's what I get for automatically believing a Sassenach spell check, I think. Corrected.

    And I certainly hope she does come back, once this current difficulty is overcome.

  3. Thank you gentlemen I will be back. Decision made. Can't leave poor Caron to fight all these males.

    You won't believe this but I don't really know how and why I get my Wikio rating. Dan has tried to explain but I'm too proud I suppose to tell him I don't understand the slightest thing about things.

    So I assume my links come from readers. Of course I'm always happy to be proved wrong...

    Thank you Stephen for your compliments.