Wednesday, 16 December 2009

BA's Twelve Days of Christmas

On the twelve days of striking BA air crew gave to me

Twelve families sulking
Eleven babies screaming
Ten iPods blasting
Nine laddettes bitchin'
Eight bags a falling
Seven stewards all hiding
Six boards delaying
Five onion rings*
Four hours of sleep
Three fisty cuffs
Two smelly socks
And one million people delayed

Willie Walsh BA's Chief Executive has said:

"We are absolutely determined to do whatever we can to protect our customers from this appalling, unjustified decision from Unite. We do not want to see a million Christmases ruined."

The Union Unite say:

"Ruined Christmases will eventually be forgotten, certainly by next Christmas, but your terms and conditions are something you will have with you for the rest of your working life. BA must be made to see sense and it was reluctantly felt only 'audacious’ action would have any effect."

How they can determine that ruined Christmases will be forgotten that quickly is hard to understand. I'm sure that many people who actually have their Christmas ruined by not being able to go on the flight they have booked, and to find or avoid an alternative means of getting home will be far from pleased with the company that lets them down. In making future plans that customer experience is bound to be something they take into consideration when making a booking.

*After all they ran out of Turkey dinners days ago.

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