Friday, 11 December 2009

It's Friday....So.......

It's the weekend, time for some fun.

You could have blown be over with a feather yesterday, and probably Jonathan Calder as well, for the Metro had some chess stories. Yes I did use the plural correctly.

The first was saying how the youngest American to become Grandmaster, yeah even younger than Bobby Fischer was over for the return of the London Chess Classic after 25 years. Hikaru Nakamura seen in action below on the left in a 1 minute game, will be taking on some of the British GMs including Luke McShane and David Howell who I once sat at a competition board in the same room with, admittedly a long way down.

The other was thestory of two GMs Wang Yue and Li Chao who were thrown out of the World Chess Cup in Russia for returning late from a smoking break. For Li Chao it is an added danger to the peer pressure that smoking can exert, he only took it up to keep his fellow Chinese player company.

At least they didn't get into a fight with FIDE over the new rules. What many of you may not know is that former world Heavy Weight champion Lennox Lewis was quite a decent Chess player. Probably just as well he never took up chess boxing he may have been deemed a little too good at one of the disciplines involved.

So with Chess being the theme for the week I think that can only call for Murray Head singing a bit of Benny and Bjorn.

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