Friday, 18 December 2009

Swiss Currently Have No Time for Tiger

As a former horologist the latest sponsor to drop from the time being the imagery of Tiger Wood with their products is an interesting one.

The Swiss Watch manufacturer Tag Heuer used to run this advert of Tiger with the slogan "What are you made of?". I guess recent events means that such a slogan attached to the golfer is not the best image.

Gillette have already 'cut' back on their use of Tiger. Their slogans which featured him included "The Best a man can get" and "Go ahead. Make yourself more comfortable". Both while advertising the razor that is the only make that touches my face are pretty good, but the double entendre of recent events make both of these a little out of kilter.

Accenture are another company that have scaled back on the Tiger brand. Their Tiger featuring slogans included "To accomplish more, sometimes you need to see less".

All three are currently only announcing a reigning back in their connection to the World Number One golfer, but this may well be only the tip of the iceberg as far as Tiger is concerned. Instead of being what Accenture wanted their customers to be (a Tiger), maybe Tiger is going to have to go back to them a little bit sheepish.

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