Wednesday, 2 December 2009

SNP Crying Wolf Again

It appears that the SNP instead of being able to run a government are an unruly rabble. When threatened with the Lib Dem led vote of no-confidence in the Education Secretary that was Fiona Hyslop, they had threatened to resign en masse to force an election.

They have threatened to do so before, indeed it is a constant refrain come budget time, indeed you would expect to hear it again soon, only they have already shot that bolt. However, while the price of a child's education may be measured in monetary terms it appears that the keys to Bute House, home of the First Minister, well that is priceless.

The Tories were showing they were a party of principle too in light of all the goings on. They had also called for Hyslop's resignation. Indeed on Sunday Murdo Fraser their Education spokesman had said:

"There is a growing crisis in Scotland's schools. Alex Salmond's SNP is fast losing the trust of teachers and parents.

"His beleaguered Education Secretary is getting more isolated and desperate day by day.

"Conservatives have long argued our schools need greater autonomy to run their own affairs. But centralising all control to the woman in the ministry is a recipe for disaster."

However, given the chance to vote no confidence in that disaster area they said they would abstain. It was only when the SNP failed to woo their often times partners the Scottish Conservative and Nationalist Unionist Party that the threat of resigning became too much for the ego himself, the Thane of Banff & Buchan, Thane of Gordon who would want to be King hereafter, after all he's be thrown away out of that large Georgian Townhouse in all possibility.

However, a change at the helm of education policy isn't going to be enough, we need to move away from fantasy policy making. The only bricks that the SNP have been matching in building new schools may have been on their screens during Tetris in their think pods at Holyrood. They certainly haven't been placed on the ground, or on top of each other.

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