Saturday, 26 December 2009

My 9 for 2009: How I faired

Well here were my original predictions on the first of January, most of these can now be determined.

1. There will be a General Election. I expect it around April

Well we all know that didn't happen.

2. Liverpool will hold on to win the Premier League for the first time.

Those guys from the other end of the ship canal (Man. United) actually equalled Liverpool's record of 18 top flight titles.

3. The Nats will start to drop in the polls as Scottish notice that more and more of their promises are not being met, and blame is shifted to London for things even Holyrood has full control over.

Well they have but probably not as much as I expected. What is startling though is that those in favour of independence for Scotland has dropped quite considerably in the polls.

4. The next Doctor Who will be a black actor.

Well, the fact that we don't see the new Doctor appear until 1 January 2010 doesn't negate the fact that Matt Smith is most definitely WASPish.

5. Andy Murray will win the US Open.

Andy didn't make a Grand Slam final all year. But did win more top level tournaments than any other man on the circuit. I'm tempted to keep this prediction for next year.

6. We'll still be struggling to get out of this recession at the end of the year. Opposition parties will still be screaming at the government to take action that helps the people rather than helping big business, especially the banks which got us here in the first place.

Well I think we score on this one. The pre-budget report was another case of the Government running rough shod over some of the lowest paid.

7. Heath Ledger will be nominated and win posthumously the Best Actor Oscar for his performance in the Dark Knight.

Oh yus! Score!!

8. Barack Obama will lift the US embargo on trade with Cuba. The Govenator of California will celebrate by restocking his humidor with fine Habanas.

Well Obama has made the overtures, but Raul Castro is still making things tough. So I am claiming success on this America is seeking to lift the embargo, already allowing its citizens to travel and starting some forms of trade.

9. There will a major breakdown in the Internet which will lead to a major blackout of communications that will last for a considerable period and be widespread.

Now there were times that hackers did cause a considerable breakdown in some of the world leading sights this year. None of them were for a considerable period though but GMail, Twitter and Facebook were affected globally at times. Anyone remember August 6th.

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