Sunday, 6 December 2009

People of Witney Your Attention Please

People of Witney, your attention please.

As you are no doubt aware, there is a great danger threatening your planet. If you don't act on that your planet will be good for nothing but demolition to make way for a hyper-space bypass.

So what are those seeking to represent you after the next General Election doing about it people of Witney?

Well you Lib Dem PPC Dawn Barnes was telling the people who are going to discuss this great danger to go ahead and do something, a big something. Think of something really big, then double it, multiple by 10, and double again kind of big. Below is a picture of her with a leader who also believes this was the most important thing to be doing yesterday.

However, the man who would be your Tory MP after the general election thought it was more important this weekend to fly to the other end of the world almost. And tell people what he couldn't do.

"There will no reduction in troop numbers."

He said of the troops he was visiting in Afghanistan. The leader of the free world Barack Obama has stated that July 2011 is the target date to start US withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan.

Of course he's not alone the Defence Minister Bob Ainsworth earlier in the week had gone further than Dave. Saying:

"You can’t put a time on it. You've got to look at conditions."

Something that Cameron has agreed with he is also disquieted about putting artificial deadlines on it. Yet even his one year of no is in effect an artificial deadline in the other way. With so much going against the views of the USA the biggest defence force in the alliance could see us going alone in Afghanistan.

Maybe everyone need to remember a bit of history and the fate of Elphinstone's Army in the First Anglo-Afghan War from 1839-42. When William Brydon and he alone of the 16,000 emerged out of the Khyber Pass.

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