Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Breaking News: Five Sail Free from Iran

The breaking news of this morning is that the five British yachtsmen who had been held in Iran for encroaching their territorial waters while heading from Bahrain to Dubai for a race have been released.

Luke Porter, 21, from Weston-super-Mare; Oliver Smith, 31, from Southampton; Oliver Young, 21, from Cornwall; Sam Usher, 26, from Scarborough, and Bahrain-based David Bloomer were on their way to take part in the Dubai-Muscat race on the 25 November when they strayed into Iranian waters by mistake. Hours after foreign secretary David Milliband spoke to his Iranian counterpart this was the accpeted tale of events according to the Iranian naval guard.

However, they have spent almost a week in Iranian custody to be able to prove their innocence.

Update 06:02: The Foreign Office are still waiting to confirm this story which has broken through Iranian news channels.

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