Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Twigs Have Blemishes Too

Well I'm sitting on the HSS heading away from Scotland (actually currently still surrounded by Scotland as we're still in Loch Ryan) for the Christmas holidays, so I'm only just catching up on stuff that has been happening since my three trains to get here.

One thing I did see on TV before setting off was Jo Swinson talking about the Olay ad for wrinkle cream in which Twiggy's wriggles had been airbrushed out, it aired at 7:40 this morning a time of that show I don't usually see. Reading on Lib Dem Voice just now there is a party press release about the Advertising Standards Agency banning this misleading advert.

The fact that we live in botox world is no excuse for a company producing wrinkle reduction cream to try and compete on a par with that medical solution. The fact that the results as advertised where lies is something that the ASA needs to take a stand on and should be applauded for their decision in this case. Anyway I thought scientists had shown us that while the perfect image is our fantasy when it comes to reality it is the little imperfections of the person that we end up loving that endear them to us.

Listening to Jo this morning she put forward a very strong case for the whole body image argument against airbrushing in advertising giving false imagery for people to live up to. I say people because I was very impressed to her Jo say "and men too" when talking about the problem. Now I know that the campaign was part of the Real Woman initiative that the party made policy at conference in Bournemouth earlier this year, but as I pointed out at the time the issue it affects men as well.

To be honest I can't honestly remember if I've actually raised the issue with Jo in person on the numerous times we have met in the intervening months. I know I have raised it with a number of people and was doing so at conference, even though I had another appointment at the time of the actual debate. However, I was glad to see that Jo has taken that point on board and whether I mentioned it to her directly or she read it on the blog or from other source this is truly an issue that isn't really gender specific.

By the way Twiggy turned 60 on the day of the Real Woman debate of confernce. I know this without having to look it up as the debate took place on our mutual birthdays, though Twiggy is 20 years my senior.

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