Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Noughties Christmas Number Ones: Part Two 2001

With nine sleeps remaining until Christmas Day it is time to continue the countdown of the decades Christmas Number Ones with a little bit of nostalgia to bring in a little bit more Christmas spirit. This post like all in series is scheduled to go live well in advance. Indeed this one will hit t'Internet while I'm on the Irish Sea so do not know if I will have coverage to blog live.

So we move unto 2001 when a couple of big stars from the entertainment world did something stupid. Err, no I mean a couple of big stars sang Something Stupid step up to the mike Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman.

Of course Robbie wants to appear in movies, especially it seems as James Bond and Nicole went on to sing in Moulin Rouge, so which singing film star is most associated with Christmas. Yeah that is right Mr Iain Dale's favourite Cliff Richard. He seems to always have a new Christmas single out although he has only been Christmas Number One three times as the named artist, equal with the Spice Girls and one less than the Beatles, but was also on Band Aid II to equal the Livepudlians.

Back in 1960 here is his first one with the Shadows and I Love You.

Of course Sir Cliff did also try to kick the whole Noughties decade at number one. Indeed it is the first decade since the 50s he hasn't been at number one. But here was his last number one in the nineties, which was actually to mark the start/end of the new millenium.

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