Thursday, 24 December 2009

Noughties Christmas Number Ones: Part Ten 2009

The final year of the decade and we are finally up to date. This may well go down as the year that people power fought the machine and won. One thing it does go down in history as is the first time that the UK number one was held by a record that was not physically available in any form in the shops, it was purely by download.

Yeah after last year trying to usurp the X-Factor and Simon Cowells stranglehold on the Christmas number one spot, this year the campaign started before the final winner was revealed. The record was chosen, a totally non-Yuletide song by Rage Against the Machine, Killing in the Name was the song that finally showed that people still decide who gets to number one not record executives.

But as it is so anti-Christmas I clearly have to balance it up with one of the Greatest Christmas number ones of all time. Take it away Noddy.

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